I finally got to take another pregnancy test today to measure my HCG level to make sure it had risen from Wednesdays test (14).

I was very anxious about it. On Wednesday after we found out we were pregnant I took one of our home pregnancy tests to see if it would show up yet. Sure enough, I had a second line! It was faint, but it was definitely there! Thursday morning I took one again, and once again, a faint second line!!

When I got home from work I took one again and noticed it was lighter then the previous ones… so I took one again the next time I went to the bathroom… and the next. All were more faded the the first two. I started to worry. If anything… the lines should be getting stronger. The tests measure the level of HCG in my urine and that level should be going up if the baby is growing. I didn’t get much sleep last night worrying about what the test would find tomorrow. Scott saw the same decreasing pattern on the tests and said he had researched it a little and the stories weren’t all bad. A lot of people on the website he was at had the same thing happen and it turned out fine.

I did some quick research of my own and found the opposite. Most of the people miscarried after this happened to them. I prayed a lot and asked all those I had told about the pregnancy to be praying too.

We’ll find out this afternoon.

Baby, please keep growing. Please, Please, Please. We love you so much and are so excited to be your parents.

Here is the voicemail the doctor left when I called to check to see if my first number was good or not:



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