A dozen tries

We just found out that our 12th attempt has failed. This sucks. I don’t understand why this keeps happening. Why do all these other people get to have babies but I can’t. It just feels so unfair.

It hurts so badly no matter how many times we go through this. I keep wondering if it’s ever going to end. If we are ever going to get pregnant.

We’ve used up the last of the 12 vials of sperm we bought last year. When the nurse called to give us the news she said the doctor had decided to try a different drug next time.

This gives me a little hope… at least he’s saying we should try again.

And at least we have some doors shut… We will no longer do any tries with clomid, and we will no longer do any tries with this donor.

We’re not sure what our next steps will be yet, but we’ll have to decide in the next few days if we’re going to try again and we’ll have to find a new donor.