Insemination Tomorrow

The past couple weeks have been pretty difficult. I’ve had horrible hot flashes from the clomid, especially at night. This made it awful for either me or Scott to get any decent sleep. I had to have the window open and fan on full speed so when I got a hot flash I could just flip all the covers off, which would wake Scott up, then eventually it would go away and I would have to bundle up again (again waking Scott up) and try to fall asleep again. Not pleasant… especially when I tend to need more sleep then most other people.

I injected myself (youch!) with the Ovidrel shot last night which will make me ovulate in the following 36-40 hours. Tomorrow we will go in for our 7th insemination at 1:30 (43 hours after I took the shot which should be as close to perfect timing as we can get).

Not sure why, but this time i’m pretty anxious about it. I don’t want to get my hopes up too high, but also don’t want to give up hope. It’s a weird spot to balance for a couple weeks. I’m not looking forward to the next couple of weeks. Hopefully I can relax and keep myself distracted enough to not analyze any odd thing my body does (Google is my enemy for these two weeks when normally it’s my friend).

Please be praying that heart calms down, the next two weeks breeze by, and that my next update will be a pregnancy announcement.


7th Cycle

I got my period in full force on Wednesday while at work which started our 7th cycle attempting to get pregnant.

I’ve long debated in my head when the best time to get cramps is (as if I have any choice). Is it in the middle of the night when at least I’m not with people so I can cry and have a hot pad handy, but get no sleep? Or is it during the day when there are other people around to distract me and i’m awake anyways, but no hot pack or place to hide? I have decided this in my head once and for all. It’s best at night. I’d rather loose some sleep then suffer through these darn things at work without a hot pad and the ability to lay down. I started getting cramps right after lunch at work on Wednesday and I was doubled over at my desk in pain. I took the best drugs I’ve got and tried to breathe through them as much as I could without attracting attention to myself. Luckily, our team has a private lab full of our computer equipment that a limited number of people have access to. It’s normally pretty dead so I was able to go up there and cry and get into any position that gave me some relief. I probably should have just gone home, but I would hate to be the person that has to leave work once a month for ‘lady problems’. Just another reason I can’t wait to be pregnant… no cramps for 9 months… ahhhh.

I went in for my baseline ultrasound on Friday to make sure everything looked normal to start another cycle. As they were doing the ultrasound they said my lining was thick (sorry to gross anyone out). After the ultrasound tech left, the nurse said that she was going to order a pregnancy test before we started, since typically if my lining was still that thick it would mean I was pregnant. I told her that that really wasn’t necessary… I knew there was no way I was pregnant. She looked at my chart and said “oooh… I see you are using donor sperm… why is that?” I explained Scott’s condition and told her that there was no way I could be pregnant. She told me that a lot of times when people are going through fertility treatments they can get pregnant accidentally, not thinking they were able to conceive so it just didn’t cross their mind. I explained one more time that Scott’s sperm count is 0. It’s not low… it’s not 20… it’s 0. She asked me how sure I was… and I told her just about 100% (we believe that a miracle could happen, but we’re really not expecting one here). She finally gave in and said she would talk to the doctor and if he was convinced we would start the Clomid (makes me release more eggs) that night. She told me that they would call if there was an issue and otherwise to start the drugs that night.

I waiting for a phone call from the doctors office and never got one, so I started the Clomid on Friday. I’m already getting awful hot flashes which lasted for two weeks after I started the drugs last time so looking forward to a fun couple weeks (especially at work… randomly getting really hot and sweating a ton is easy to explain ;). I’ll take the Clomid for 5 days then go in for an ultrasound on Friday to see how it worked. Last cycle I had to do 2 ultrasounds before they had me trigger ovulation. If everything works the same as last time I will do the trigger shot on Sunday, then go in for the insemination next Tuesday. They do the pregnancy test 2 weeks after the trigger shot so we would find out if it worked on April 13th.