5th failure

This sucks. Got my period Thanksgiving eve. Our hearts are broken again.

We will be out of town when we would have our 6th insemination so our next attempt won’t be until February. Another holiday season with no baby.


5th try

We went in and got inseminated this morning. We got our favorite doctor which makes the whole experience much more pleasant. He had another doctor observing him, and it was her first time watching an insemination so he explained a lot more then he usually does. It was pretty interesting! He is also a very positive person and says things like “God Bless you both” and “I believe good things should happen to good couples, so I’m hoping this one works for you” (He also told me I have a beautiful cervix… really knows how to compliment a girl 😉 ). It’s great to come out of the appointment with such a positive mindset.

He has also been doing this for 25 years so he does it pretty painlessly. It was a huge relief after how painful the last one was. It was also nice since I had to go straight back to work afterwards.

Hoping and praying that this is the last insemination until we want to have another kid. I’m getting really tired of the process. If this attempt fails we will see an infertility specialist on December 8th and start on a new protocol which will likely include fertility drugs and a lot more doctors appointments.

If this attempt succeeds we will hopefully have a baby around 8/7/2015!

Having a baby… not quite priceless

For most people making the baby is the cheapest part of the process… for us it’s quite the opposite. This is what we pay for each insemination:

$253.00 – Doctor Fee

$88 – Lab Fee

$670 – Vial of Sperm

$20 – Shipping sperm to Minneapolis sperm bank

$45 – Release Fee per vial

Total per attempt: $1076 

It’s really frustrating that other people get to have one (free) passionate night with their spouse to conceive their children and we have to pay that much to go into the doctor and have them use another man’s sperm to try to conceive. We don’t have any better odds then the regular method… but have to go through so much more… all to have what so many people take for granted.