3rd Times a Charm

We went in and did our 3rd insemination on Saturday. We had to be there at 8am (boooo) and went through the normal procedure. The next paragraph describes what happens during the insemination if you’re curious. If not, then skip the next paragraph.

Check in, painfully wait in the lobby with TONS of pregnancy magazines and usually tons of happily pregnant women (thankfully this time no one else was there). The nurse takes us back to the room where they do the normal pre-appointment paperwork. They have Scott hold onto the tiny vial of sperm (a little smaller then a AA Battery- we were surprised by how small it is!) to warm it up to normal temperature while they take my pulse, blood pressure, etc. The nurse then pages the on call doctor and has me get into pap smear position. The doctor comes in and has both Scott and I verify the sperm donor number listed on the vial. Once we’ve all double checked that it’s right he uses a catheter to inject (probably not the right word) the sperm into my uterus. It hurts a bit – similar to a bad cramp but it’s over pretty quickly and Scott is holding my hand so it’s not too bad. The first doctor and this last one have both had me wait with my hips up for 10-15 mins afterwards. This doctor said he’s not positive there’s a whole lot of science behind it since the uterus closes back up again as soon as he takes the catheter out, but said if he was the sperm he’d rather be running downhill then up. Which makes a lot of sense to me so I was all for it.

We are now onto the two week wait. The time between the insemination and the time when you can actually find out if you’re pregnant. This time seems to go by so incredibly slowly. I try to eat as healthy as I can, avoid stress as much as possible, and avoid alcohol or anything else that could possible cause an embryo harm or interfere with implantation (Aleve and Advil are bad so only Tylenol for my headaches which sucks). I’m supposed to get my period on October 5th so we’ll see how it goes. We are praying that the 3rd times a charm. In my game of “I’ll be pregnant by…” game that would mean that I would be due 6/13/2015. Sorry kid (if you exist)… no special birthday day for you in elementary school… bummer… but at least you won’t have college finals on your birthday. every. single. year. (Thanks mom and dad) 😉